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Joe Masabni, Extension Small-Acreage Vegetable Specialist, Overton Research and Extension Center is conducting a “Vegetable Gardening Lunch Hour Webinar”

These webinars will be streamed at the Freestone County Extension Office, 440 E Main Suite 10 in Fairfield from 12 noon to 1pm. The program will begin at 12pm so please arrive prior to.

The dates and titles of the presentations are:

  • March 3 – Insects and Diseases You Should Know in a Vegetable Production
  • April 7 – Ginger Production
  • May 5 – Cover Crops
  • June 2 – Fertilizer Use in the Vegetable Garden
  • July 7 – Tomato Grafting
  • August 4 – Fall Vegetable Gardening
  • September 1 – Food Safety
  • October 6 – Successful Watermelon and Tomato Production
  • November 3 – Growing Vegetables in Containers
  • December 1 – Hugelkultur


Private Applicator Training

March 31, 2017


Fairfield Conference Center, Fairfield TX

Please RSVP by calling the Freestone County Extension office by March 20th at:


$60 fee which will include the study materials needed


KAPUT-Warfarin Hog Bait Statement

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is a state-wide leader in educating the public on effective methods of controlling the population of feral hogs. As Kaput only recently received approval from the EPA and TDA, AgriLife Extension has not yet incorporated the use of this product into our educational programming.   We are exploring the benefits and risks associated with warfarin-based products such as Kaput and expect to eventually add this control method to the assortment of management options we educate landowners about, including trapping, shooting, land management, and other population reduction methods.


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