Freestone County 4-H Enrollment  2019-2020 will open on August 15, 2019. Price is $30 per youth and $10 per adult. (Must be enrolled by March 1st to show at the County Fair)

To sign up for Remind reminders please follow this link: *Note 4-H reminders will be sent out this way*


Major Show exhibitors join: https://www.remind.com/join/majorshowe

Follow Freestone County 4-H on Facebook, lots of announcements, events and reminders are posted on this site. 

Dates To Remember: 2019-2020 4-H Year Meetings start in September

(Must attend & sign in at 4 club meetings to be eligible to show at county fair.)

    • Dew 4-H meets 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm at Dew ISD Cafeteria
      • Club Managers: Laura Tugwell
    • Eagle Country 4-H*will not be an active club for the remainder of the 4-H year-members will need to attend another club*
    • Fairfield 4-H meets 1stMonday of every month at 6pm at Fairfield Civic Center (Green Barn)
      • Club Managers: Kayla Lupo & Brigit Coufal
    • Faith Academy 4-H meets 2nd Thursday of every month at 3:45pm at Faith Academy School
      • Club Manager: Julie Steward
    • Freestone Community 4-H meets 2ndSunday of every month at 6pm at Freestone Community Center (April meeting will be April 5th due to Easter)
      • Club Managers: Christi Oakes and Marsha Morgan
    • Wortham 4-H meets 1stWednesday of every month at 6pm at Wortham Chamber Building
      • Club Managers: April Kofnovec andAmanda Henderson
    • County Council meets the Last Monday of every month at 5:30pm at the Extension Office
    • Adult Leaders meets the Last Monday of every month at 6:00pm at the Extension Office
      • January Meeting date is Tuesday Jan 28th

4-H and Youth Development

4-H Club Managers, project and activity leaders, as well volunteers at large gain leadership, project and communication skills that help them to develop into effective leaders in the community and in the Freestone County 4-H Program.

Freestone County 4-H Projects and Teams

  • Fashion Show
  • Fashion Storyboard
  • Holiday Classic- livestock project clinic and practice show
  • Food Challenge
  • Food Show
  • Ag Product ID
  • Entomology
  • Photography
  • Horse Judging
  • Wool & Mohair Judging
  • Plant ID
  • Range Evaluation
  • Livestock Judging
  • Meat Judging
  • Educational Presentations
  • Livestock Quiz Bowl
  • Horse Quiz Bowl
  • Share the Fun
  • Leaders 4 Life Skill-a-thon
  • Shotgun and Archery
  • Horse Shows
  • County Fair Livestock show visit: freestoncountyfairandrodeo.com
  • County Fair Home & Garden show visit: http://freestonecountyfairandrodeo.com

District 8 4-H Contest information can be found at: https://agrilife.org/d84h/events-and-activities/

  • To sign up for a contest you can do so on tx.4honline.com (you must have an active profile) or you can email me to sign you up prior to the deadlines listed below
  • Range Evaluation, Plant ID, Entomology, Wool, Mohair, Livestock Skillathon & Ag Product ID Contest entry deadline is March 19th, contest date is April 3 at Tarleton
  • Horse Judging entry deadline is March 19th, contest date is April 4th at TAMU, College Station
  • Fashion Show, Storyboard and Duds to Dazzle deadline is March 19th, contest is April 20th Cleburne Conference Center, Cleburne
  • Photography entry deadline is March 26th, photos will be displayed at District Roundup May 2
  • Consumer Decision Making entry deadline is April 2nd , contest is April 20th Cleburne Conference Center, Cleburne 2020_D8_4-H_Consumer_Judging_Contest_Letter 1-6-20
  • Livestock Judging, Meat judging, Soil judging entry deadline is April 2nd, Contest is April 25th TAMU, College Station
  • Leaders for Life Skillathon entry deadline is April 9th, Contest is April 30th on WebEX/Zoom
  • District Roundup contests (Educational Presentations, Public Speaking, Share the Fun, FCH Quiz Bowl, Horse Quiz Bowl, Livestock Quiz Bowl) entry deadline is April 16th, Contest is May 2 at Riesel High School
  • District Horse show entry deadline is May 21st (reminder you must validate your horse by May 1), contest is June 15-16 Bell County Expo *Note this overlaps Freestone County Fair*
  • District Surge (Leadership LAB) (for 9th to 12th grade only) entry deadline is May 21st, Camp is June 17-19 at Texas 4-H Conference Center in Brownwood *Note this overlaps Freestone County Fair*
  • District Recordbook entry deadline is June 25th, books must be turned into Extension Office by July 6th judging will take place July 9th.
  • Make sure to check all information at the website https://agrilife.org/d84h/events-and-activities/ to learn more about the contests and for resources to prepare for the contests
  • If there will be practices for contests they will be announced and included in future 4-H minute emails, otherwise feel free to begin preparing on your own, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask 😊

Southeast District 8 County Camp dates are June 26-28 at Lakeview Methodist Camp in Palestine. Entry information will be available in May

  • Archery: you must enroll in 4-H to attend practice. If you have questions and for practice dates contact Yvonne 903-390-8060
  • Shotgun: If you are brand new, have questions or to find out practice dates contact Josh Holcomb 903-394-1459. All 4-H members wishing to participate in shooting sports must be enrolled in 4-H and be active on 4-H connect before you can practice.
  • Horse Showing and Riding practices are held every Tuesday at 6pm at the Limestone County Fairgrounds in Groesbeck, Halter and groundwork is the first hour and riding is after.

Quality Counts (only need to complete once for each age division; Junior, Intermediate, Senior) correct age division and an active Quality counts number is required for County Fair entries

  • Quality Counts has a new look, a new site, and a new exam! We are excited to release the new version of the program! The new curriculum has been designed to better equip our youth livestock exhibitors with the most relevant and timely information related to the livestock project area. Focused on quality assurance and character education, Quality Counts is designed to teach young people the importance of displaying good character in carrying out livestock projects, and in every aspect of their lives. **There is a very important one-pager attached with detailed instructions of how students should enroll/login to the course. **
    • Here are a couple of new components of the program to be aware of:
    • Exhibitors will first be required to engage in the full learning content before being presented with the verification exam.
      • Please be aware of this in advance as this could take around two hours for most students to complete the full content and test.
    • Exhibitors will be able to start and revisit the curriculum as many times as needed.
    • Exhibitors will have to complete the test once it is started.
    • Exhibitors must achieve 80% or great to pass the exam, but can take it as many times as needed.
    • Exhibitors will be exposed and tested on the content potentially three times in their livestock showing career: junior (grade 3-5), intermediate (grade 6-8), and senior (grade 9-12).
    • Exhibitors will access the course and exam at a new website:  https://www.texaslivestockvalidation.com/qc/qcregister.aspx
      • This will be connected to the current Texas Livestock Validation Website for ease-of-access to information for supervising County Extension Agents and Agricultural Science Teachers.
    • Verification on the new system will be required for entries into Spring major livestock shows.
    • **Verification on the old system is acceptable for State Fair of Texas and Heart ‘O Texas Fair entries.**

    Students can access the course here: https://www.texaslivestockvalidation.com/qc/qcregister.aspx. The website is very user-friendly, but I have attached a screen shot to accompany the one-pager to help exhibitors get started..

    IMPORTANT: One thing to be aware of is that login to the curriculum site requires unique email addresses for each user. This is explained further in the attachment. We realize there will be cases of families with multiple youth and limited email addresses. If the family cannot use a parent email, create one, or use a student email address, we will assist on a case-by-case basis.

    We do hope that the new Quality Counts program is a positive experience for both exhibitors and supervisors as we strive to raise the bar in livestock exhibitor education. We appreciate your support and patience as we worked to get this out to you all in a timely manner. Thank you for continued commitment in equipping youth livestock exhibitors with the tools and resources that truly make a difference.

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