Freestone County Fair

Preparing for County Fair: 

To help you decide what to show at county fair: Deciding what to show at County Fair

Livestock Project guides:




Poultry Essentials

Horse essentials

Rabbit Guide

Swine guide


Breeding heifer essentials

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Freestone County Fair Information:

  • All rules, judges, schedule & entry fee costs can be found at
  • Market & Breeding sheep, goats and swine validation is Saturday April 7th from 7-9am at the Fairgrounds.
    • Note: All breeding sheep, goats and swine must be validated (if you want to show an animal in the breeding show you must bring it to validation to get a tag or you will be ineligible to show it)
  • ALL Entry Cards for the Freestone County Fair (cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, poultry and rabbits) are due by 5pm April 16th to the Extension Office. (There will be a table for you to turn in your entry cards at sheep, goat & swine validation) You must include a W9 form per youth with the entry so make sure you have the Social Security Number
  • Market broiler orders must be submitted to the Extension Office by 5pm March 20th. (Broilers will be here for pick up April 27, but DO NOT forget to submit an entry card by April 16th)
  • Market & Breeding Rabbit validation will be Saturday May 12th from 8-10am at the Fairgrounds. (You should contact a breeder to order your rabbits by March) Rabbit Breeders for Freestone County Fair
    • Breeding Rabbits, must already have a permanent legible tattoo ( ie: letters or symbols) in either ear prior to validation, these tattoos will be checked and recorded at validation.
  • Halter Horse and Breeding Heifer ownership deadline is April 1st. Make sure you have that animal in your possession by April 1st (There is no validation for Horses or Heifers, but you have to enter, so make sure you turn in an entry card by April 16th at 5pm)


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