Freestone County Fair

Fair Thank you lists have been emailed to all 4-H families. If you did not receive your list please let me know. Fair checks are NOT ready, please be patient. You must submit a copy of your written thank you notes to your club manager or Sandy (, to be able to pick up your check when they are ready. If an address is not listed for a person or business please try to find the address, I do not have addresses that are not listed.

  • If you have received your fair buyer and add on list and you have a buyers group listed please wait for the group of addresses you need to send those thank you notes Do not just send one thank you note to the address listed for the Businesses in Support of Youth, The Originals, Teague Buyers Groups etc. I will send you an additional list with the group members that you are to write thank you notes to.

Preparing for County Fair: 

To help you decide what to show at county fair: Deciding what to show at County Fair

Livestock Project guides:




Poultry Essentials

Horse essentials

Rabbit Guide

Swine guide


Breeding heifer essentials

Visit for more in depth Livestock Project help, instructional videos and information.

Freestone County Fair Information: 

  • Market Steer validation is the first Saturday in December, maximum weight of 850lbs at weigh in.


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