Freestone County Fair

Freestone County Fair Information: 2021 FCFA June 14-19

  • Market & Breeding Sheep, Goat & Swine validation will be Saturday April 10th from 7-9am at the Fairgrounds. Validation is moved to the Second Saturday due to Easter falling on the first weekend in April.
  •  All Market & Breeding Rabbits rabbits must be in the exhibitors possession by noon on Saturday May 15th. Exhibitors must submit (by email) pictures of their rabbits tattoos to their 4-H Agent or Ag Teacher by Noon Saturday May 15th. Tattoos should be the exhibitors first and last initial and numbered (example if you had 5 rabbits: EX1, EX2, EX3, EX4, EX5). If you or your breeder cannot tattoo your rabbits for you, contact your 4-H Agent or Ag Teacher and the superintendent will tattoo them for you.
  • Poultry-order chickens from the Extension Office by March 30th.  Cost is $43.50 per pen of 25 (minimum order of 25) Pick up will be May 7th.
  • Entry cards will be due April 15th by 5pm at the Extension Office. There will be a table at Sheep, Goat & Swine Validation as well, so you can turn them in there. NO Entry cards will be accepted without a completed W-9. You can download the entry cards & W-9 here:


  • Market Steers: Quest Newberry
  • Market Sheep/Goats: Jeff Ripley
  • Market Swine: Brice Mund
  • Breeding Sheep/Goats: Keaton Dodd
  • Breeding Swine: Clayton Schramm
  • Poultry: Someone from Texas A&M Poultry Science Department
  • Rabbits: Jason Platt
  • Heifers: Shane Jennings

Quality Counts:

Quality Counts (only need to complete once for each age division; Junior 3rd-5th grade, Intermediate 6th-8th grade, Senior 9th-12th grade) correct age division and an active Quality counts number is required for participation at the Freestone County Fair, this must be completed by June 14th.

  • **There is a very important one-pager with detailed instructions of how students should enroll/login to the course. **QC Enrollment
    • Exhibitors will first be required to engage in the full learning content before being presented with the verification exam.
      • Please be aware of this in advance as this could take around two hours for most students to complete the full content and test.
    • Exhibitors will be able to start and revisit the curriculum as many times as needed.
    • Exhibitors will have to complete the test once it is started.
    • Exhibitors must achieve 80% or great to pass the exam, but can take it as many times as needed.
    • Exhibitors will be exposed and tested on the content potentially three times in their livestock showing career: junior (grade 3-5), intermediate (grade 6-8), and senior (grade 9-12).
    • Exhibitors will access the course and exam at:

IMPORTANT: One thing to be aware of is that login to the curriculum site requires unique email addresses for each user. This is explained further in the attachment. We realize there will be cases of families with multiple youth and limited email addresses. If the family cannot use a parent email, create one, or use a student email address, we will assist on a case-by-case basis.

Preparing for County Fair: 

To help you decide what to show at county fair: Deciding what to show at County Fair

Livestock Project guides:




Poultry Essentials

Horse essentials

Rabbit Guide

Swine guide


Breeding heifer essentials

Visit for more in depth Livestock Project help, instructional videos and information.

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